Develop and support Transcription interface programs to process:

  • Incoming data - Patient demographics (ADT), ORDERS, Appointments, Physician demographics (Dictating, Referring, Consulting, Admitting)
  • Outgoing – Transcription (RESULTS).

Work with a variety of file formats, standards, and databases: HL7, ASCII, delimited ASCII, HTML, XML, Microsoft Word, RTF, WordPerfect, dBase/xBase. 

Hands-on project management/implementations:

  • New accounts
  • Migrations/conversions – from legacy systems to new
  • Post-implementation technical support.

Technical support for transcription and dictation platforms/applications:

  • Home office (Transcription, Dictation, Service Controller)
  • Remote Medical Transcriptionists (MTs)
  • Client’s customers using remote systems (Fax Server, Print Spooler).

Configure new accounts and create all necessary components:

  • Transcription Forms (Templates)
  • Physician Normals (Routines)
  • Custom Dictionaries, Abbreviations
  • Distribution devices/schemes
  • Print queues, definitions, and control files.

Miscellaneous programming and support – macros, scripts, utilities, convert MT shortcuts.

Technical Writing – end-user documentation, tutorials, training materials, management/billing reporting using Crystal Reports, R&R Report Writer. 

Liaison with client and customer management, technical staff, vendors.